Korean multi-functional electric cooker takes care of food, life, intelligence, convenience and worry-free cooking

For many people, eating three meals a day can be a challenge. The fast pace of modern life makes many people have irregular diets. If they don't eat breakfast, make up at night, and have a busy snack at work instead of dinner to satisfy their hunger, their stomach and intestines will be easily hurt in a long time. At this time may wish to configure an electric cooker, so that life and diet is no longer a problem. Xinxin electric cooker intelligent and convenient is the best choice for home and work cooking.

Xinxin electric cooker not only has a sweet and lovely appearance, but also has a thoughtful intelligent design, which makes users more comfortable to cook and eat. Ordinary electric cookers do not have basic functions such as timing, appointment and heat preservation, and their power cannot be regulated at will, which makes cooking a very difficult and complicated thing. Xinxin electric cooker not only has the function of timing, appointment, heat preservation and power control, but also the intelligent cooking mode controlled by microcomputer. Anyone can become a chef by operating like a fool. Timing function, so that food no longer paste burnt; The appointment function makes the diet regular on time. The heat preservation function makes the delicious food warm at any time. Power control, so that the boiling soup does not overflow pot; Intelligent cooking mode of the preset menu, so that rookie can also become a chef. Xinxin electric cooker makes cooking simple and fun.