Electric pancake version of sesame paste sugar cake Fried 1000 pages of tofu

Ingredients: flour, warm water, brown sugar, sesame paste, sesame oil.


1, warm water with noodles, and a soft dough, and good Xing after half an hour.

2. Put sesame paste into sesame oil and mix well, slightly thick

3, good Xing roll the dough into a large long my meager sensibilities,

4. Spread sesame paste on the rolled dough.

5. Sprinkle the chopped brown sugar on top and a little dry flour on top to prevent the red sugar from melting.

Fold the surface layer by layer.

7, into a cake regiment, slightly Xing for a while, to won't roll away

8. Roll out the dough into a round cake.

Pour a little oil into the electric baking pan and put in the pie cover.

10. Turn over and brush a little oil on both sides.


Main ingredients: 1, 000 pages of tofu, 400g, spicy pepper, salt and spiced noodles


1. Slice 1-thousand sheets of tofu, put oil into the electric baking pan and put in 1-thousand sheets of tofu

Pan-fry until golden, on the opposite side, continue frying until golden

Put in salt, pepper and 5-spice powder in a bowl and mix well

4. Serving plate