How to remove the paste from the pan

Many people like to use electric heat to make all kinds of food, but inevitably some of the paste pot phenomenon, difficult to remove. How to use some clever methods to remove it? Electric cooker manufacturer introduced for you.

1. Use hot blisters to clean it easily. Do not use a steel ball brush to brush the electric cooker. (if you must brush, you can use rough cloth instead of steel ball)

If the bottom of the pot is burnt, put some of it in the pot and bring it to a boil with a little cold water (do not dry it). The bottom of the pot will soon be removed.

Remove the tomatoes from the pan. Take some not very good tomato cubes and cook them in the pan, and they will fall off naturally.

Beer and liquor go to the bottom of the pot. If you are not careful when cooking, you can add a little wine and beer and a little water (1:1:0.5). The cover is easy to be cleaned after 5 minutes.

Remove the apple or pear skins from the bottom of the pot. Cook with apple or pear peel in a little water, then it's easy to clean.

Remove the orange and paste the bottom of the pot. Cut a few slices of orange and put them in a pot to boil. After a night of stuffiness, the paste will turn up the next day and be easily cleared.

In the daily use of the electric cooker, which can bring a lot of convenience, human factors can also lead to some annoying problems, we should find relevant measures to deal with this. I hope the introduction is helpful to you.