Use the electric cooker safety tips

1. When using the multifunctional electric cooker, select the appropriate function keys according to the instructions, and cut the keys in a hurry;

2. Both ends of the power cord (the most important part) should be connected according to the regulations. Otherwise, you know the consequences. Usually start in the "high temperature", after boiling water, can be put in the "heat preservation".

Third, non - thermostatic should pay attention to the temperature rise of the pot, but not dry pot. If the water in the pot needs to be removed, the power should be cut off (for safety reasons) and slightly cooled before releasing the water.

Do not touch the electric cooker with wet hands (big sacrifice), and do not touch the electric pot with one hand, and touch the faucet with the other. There is a risk of electrocution in case of electric leakage.

Keep the electric cooker and plug clean. After each use, clean and wipe with a dry cloth to avoid oil stain. If produce oil dirty, usable and soiling agent is wiped clean, avoid by all means will electric hot pot puts in water clean, otherwise, water will dip in interior, cause leakage of electricity accident.

For the safety of your life, for the normal life of the electric cooker, it is recommended that consumers use safely, please mistake the figure for quick and convenient and mess up the safety rule.