How to use Korean electric cooker safely?

Korean electric cooker, cooking magic. Fry, fry, fry, boil, stew, rinse, steam everything complete!

So how to use the Korean electric cooker more safely?

Let me show you:

When using an electric cooker, turn off the power immediately as soon as the heat arrives, so as to avoid burning the heating element or boiler. The automatic electric heating pan should adjust the temperature to the right position according to the heat.

When using electric heat pan, cannot wet hand operation, do not want one hand to take a metal handle to fry dish, another hand goes boiling water faucet, in case electric heat pan leakage and cause electric shock accident.

When there are stains inside the pot, the metal spatula can not be used to treat, so as not to damage the fluorine resin layer. The correct method is: use wooden tool to shovel or wipe with dry cloth.

After use, remove power plug in time. The electric plug on the automatic electric cooker is a delicate temperature control device, which should be put and closed gently to prevent collision and vibration. Turn the knob to stop at the same time. The electric cooker should be placed in a dry place to avoid damaging the insulation of the electrical components.